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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Lights or no lights

Postby thump224 » Tue 01 May, 2007 13:09

I am about to install my own inground pool (with help from a lot of experienced people). It is a 12 x 24 vinyl lined pool. I have heard that built in lights can leak. Are they difficult to install? Are they worth it?

Lou I.
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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Postby dynamictiger » Tue 01 May, 2007 18:20

I hate pool lights
I hate pool lights
I hate pool lights
Especially when they don't work

Whilst my opinion of pool lights is there is no replacement for concrete, a lot of pool owners want them. If you do decide to install lights then could I suggest:

1: Get LED or Xenon globed lights (10 000 hours)
2: Keep all the documents you can in relation to the lights
3: Make sure the manufacturer supplier is local to your area

Every man and his dog sells pool lights. This is great for them and you as you get a huge choice of types and styles.

However in 5 years time is when you need the replacement dress ring or some other part, this is usually where I get the call. This is where the issues start. Usually no documentation to tell me which light from where from whom supplied by or manufactured by. So 400 phone calls later if I am lucky I might fluke a part.

However if you follow my suggestions short of the manufacturer ceasing to exist you shouldn't have this problem.


Postby chrisinspring » Tue 01 May, 2007 18:27

What he just said.........or, look into fiber optics. There costly upfront, but can give you different lighting. This past week I did almost $2000 in light repairs on 2 pools (4 lights total). Both had all their gaskets fail sometime ago and required all new fixtures and running several feet of cord to the junction box.
Jason B
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Jason B » Fri 01 Jun, 2007 10:08

How do you feel about the LED Hayward lights?

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