pool leak

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pool leak

Postby Guest » Sun 16 Oct, 2005 15:22

My inground pool is loosing water, I suspect a leak. When I cleaned the cartridge filter today, it had a lot of sand in it. No one has been using the pool so I know it is not being brought into the pool that way. How do I find the leak and how do I fix it?


Postby Billy » Wed 23 Nov, 2005 18:22

Does the pool leak even if the pump is turned off for a few days? or only when the pump is running? How far down does the water level drop?

pool leak

Postby JS » Wed 07 Jun, 2006 12:22

I had a leak last year from a tear in the liner, it was right at the surface level of the water and was hard to see until closer inspection. Got a new liner through home insurance ! :-)

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