High Pressure

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High Pressure

Postby vaughanwilliams » Tue 18 Oct, 2005 13:45

Since changing a customers filter from sand to Zeolite, the filter pressure reads on the high side, all the time. Even after backwashing I can't get it to fall by more than a few psi.

Is this the Zeolite? Could I have put too much in?


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High filter pressure

Postby Pool » Tue 27 Dec, 2005 13:58

Zeolite tends to pack tighter than quartz or silica sand, resulting in a higher back pressure. It also traps finer particles which can also result in increased pressure.

Backwashing halfway through filling is essential, as is a long backwash after filling to the required level.

High filter pressure

Postby Pool » Tue 27 Dec, 2005 14:02

Sorry, I just wanted to add another comment.

If the filter pressure is within normal working limits it won't be a problem.

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