Pentair intelliflo 4x160 pump

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Pentair intelliflo 4x160 pump

Postby btle29 » Sat 05 May, 2007 13:02

I just bought the pentair intelliflo 4x160 pump, I notice that there only 2 com ports J7 and J8 on my i9+3 personality kit . The indoor control panel is plug in J7 and intelliclorinator is plug in J8 of the com ports. The intelliflo pump need to plug into a com port but i dont have anymore com port to do so. can one com port run 2 different units, or is there any solution to my problem thanks.

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Re: Pentair intelliflo 4x160 pump

Postby micahharwell » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 02:49

Yes! I have the same setup with the i9+3. I called up Pentair on this very issue, they were quite helpful.

Each COM port can handle up to four devices. You can wire multiple devices together (using like-colored wires).

For example, J7 might have the Indoor Control Panel, while J8 has both the IntelliChlor and IntelliFlo pump.

Hope this helps!

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