Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

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Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby aGrandma » Sun 06 May, 2007 18:15

At the deepest part of our pool are two plastic round drain covers, and our Hayward Navigator vacuum constantly sticks on them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this to stop, or know why this is happening? The vacuum suction is correct according to the tool we use to check suction, and everything seems to be working right (filters clean, pump pressure is normal, etc.) If we are home we get the vacuum off the plastic drain, then a little while later there it is stuck again. The vacuum is just stuck there and does not go all over the pool floor and walls as it should. Thanks for any ideas/solutions!

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Postby dynamictiger » Mon 07 May, 2007 17:26

Buy a section of cleaner hose.

Fill it with pool sand.

Join the ends together and lay around the drain.

This is usually caused by the angles of the cover being such it blocks the suction throat of the cleaner. The only solution is to keep the cleaner off the cover. The weighted hose is normally enough to do this.


Postby aGrandma » Tue 08 May, 2007 20:53

Oh wow, great idea! Thank you so much, I'll try that!

Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby emdasher » Sat 04 Apr, 2009 15:19

With all due respect, the sand-loaded hose idea probably will not work. The Navigator will simply push it aside. The only solution I've come up with is to epoxy a 4" dia PVC pipe fitting, no more than 3 inches long or it might be dangerous, to the center of the drain cover. If you use water-cure epoxy, this can be done by a competent diver underwater.
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Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby msguppy » Mon 06 Apr, 2009 17:02

I had good results with replacing my main drain covers. There are new cover designs out that are in compliance with new law affecting public pools. http://www.poolcenter.com/Virginia_Grae ... ty_Act.pdf I used Anti hair snare plus brand which is raised in the center and keeps the cleaner off of it. There are others that are supposedly low profile that claim to keep the cleaner off but I felt more confident with the high ones. I know how irritating pulling that cleaner off the drain is!!

Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby elizdb76 » Wed 06 May, 2009 14:49

I have the exact same problem with no solutions and the shallow end is not as clean as it should be

Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby Toddlach » Tue 19 May, 2009 17:59

If this just started happening recently, I would also check the 'soles' of the cleaner. Replacing the rubber feeting and wings will lift the cleaner higher off the floor of the pool and will help clear the raised drain cover.

Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby Poolgal » Sun 19 Jul, 2009 14:49

I recently had the"new drain cover" placed in the pool after resurfacing. Now I have the same problem with the Hayward vacuum staying on the main drain and just turning in circles. The vacuum has new feet, wings, etc. This did not happen with the old drain cover. Anymore suggestions?
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Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby MainDrainClipOn » Fri 14 May, 2010 22:48

I found a solution to my automatic pool cleaner getting stuck on my pool main drain.

Go to http://www.maindrainclipon.com

The "clip-on" device" is inexpensive and easy to install. Also, there is an installation tool available that allows the device to be quickly installed from the side of the pool without getting into the water.

Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby gsc1969 » Thu 08 Jul, 2010 15:28

this is the REAL solution...........folks.....the main reason commonly the vacuum gets stuck to the drain is because the flow is too high....thus...the vacuum get sucked into the drain screen......turn the flow rate down a bit.....it will no longer stick to the screen and it costs nothing and little effort....gc

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