Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

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Re: Hayward Navigator vacuum sticks on plastic drain cover

Postby pegaraiza » Tue 18 Apr, 2017 15:06

MainDrainClipOn wrote:I found a solution to my automatic pool cleaner getting stuck on my pool main drain.

Go to http://www.maindrainclipon.com

The "clip-on" device" is inexpensive and easy to install. Also, there is an installation tool available that allows the device to be quickly installed from the side of the pool without getting into the water.

This IS a quick and easy solution and works well....until it doesn't...we've found that the clip on cover lasts for about a year before it breaks and needs to be replaced. They cost about $20, so if you replace it every year for 5 years, you're about as well-off as if you had purchased and installed a newer style complete cover.....after that, I guess it depends on low long the full cover lasts before your ROI is busted....figure out which works best for you :D

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