Green algae on walls only of in-ground gunite pool

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Green algae on walls only of in-ground gunite pool

Postby aGrandma » Sun 06 May, 2007 18:28

When Spring began and the weather began to get warmer, the walls of my in-ground gunite pool began to get green algae. First I shocked the pool, and it disappeared, then within 2 weeks it was back. Today I shocked it again (using some super fast shock I bought at the grocery store) and I used a bottle of 'kem tek" green algaecide. It says it is for the treatment and prevention of green, black and yellow algae.
Is this all I should need, or is there some other chemical I need to add to my water to prevent the algae from returning?
Last week I took a bottle of water to my local pool store. They tested my water and it was "perfect". All chemical levels were within normal range. The water is CLEAR. The water always has been clear, but there is still green slime on the walls.
The people at the pool store told me I should buy this bottle of something that cost $25 to help the algae from coming back - I think they called it a condiitoner. Do I really need that or not?

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Postby dynamictiger » Mon 07 May, 2007 17:28

Green on one part of the pool is not all that unusual. It is usually indicative of poor circulation in this area.

You may be able to redirect your return jets to get the water in this area moving better than it was.


Postby aGrandma » Tue 08 May, 2007 20:52

Ahhhh, thank you. That might be the problem. I am also having a problem getting my vacuum moving all over the pool, which I posted on the other forum about vacuums! My hose keeps twisting, keeping the vacuum from moving freely (I ordered a new hose, I hope that will be the solution!) AND the vacuum also gets stuck on the plastic drain cover, preventing it from moving around the pool also.

Postby chrisinspring » Fri 11 May, 2007 19:57

Clean your pool filter, shock your pool 24 hrs, and an algaecide like No More Problems. Make sure your pool is running at least 10 hrs a day

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