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grey sticky stuff

Postby Ingrid » Mon 07 May, 2007 06:07

Please help - I have had my pool since December so it is only 4 months old - the other day I noticed a black patch in the pool so my son got in and scrubbed it off, I now noticed on Saturday that it had come back but rite around the pool so i took the Kreepy out to check it because it looked as if the kreepy was spreading it around.

To my horror when I turned the Kreep upside down I noticed a grey sticky substance underneath it sort of like some kind of adhesive the only thing that would take it off the kreepy was thinners, but now I am sitting with the black marks rite around the bottom of the pool - do you have any suggestions of how I can remove the marks without screbbing because it is very difficult to get off. And another question what would have caused something like this to happen.

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