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pump selection

Postby clpool » Mon 07 May, 2007 23:22

I have an approx. 23,000 gallon pool with a 7' raised apa with a spillover into the pool. My equipment pad is 35' from the pool and all plumbing is 2" pvc except three spitters- 3/4" lines, and a tanning ledge jet- 1.5" line. To the pad there is a pool main drain, 2 skimmers, and spa drain all are individually plumbed. From the pad there is a pool return, spa return, spa air line, spa floor blower, spitters (in the deck), and a polaris line. I would like to use a heater, one filter, salt chlorinator and of course a pump or pumps, and booster pump for polaris. Also I will use air blowers for the spa wall and floor. I need help on pump(s) sizes and skematic of plumbing lines and valves. Thanks!

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