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Need advice

Postby truse » Mon 24 Oct, 2005 23:31

I came home last month to find my 2 y.o. fiberglass pool 1/2 empty and full of sand and mud. Pool installer says that it is probably a broken pipe to a jet cleaning system that is on the bottom of pool. So much water had collected under the pool the pool began to float and lift. It lifted the concrete decking on 1 side of pool at least 4 inches higher than the other. The pool has also now cracked and buckled. The pool will be have to be lifted. repaired, the ground reprepared and reset. There goes my $10,000 worth of concrete decking and probably quite a bit of landscaping. Also this process will cost much more than the original cost of setting the pool. The pool (Viking) and pool installers both advertise on websites that this is the pool with the lifetime guaranteewith little or no maintainance but neither are interested in claiming any responsiblity for this. Does home owners ins ever cover?? Do you know the circumstances. I think we need legal counsel.

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