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Baqua Pure Filter

Postby Sandman » Sun 12 Jun, 2011 19:46

Pool User wrote:We have just bought a home that came with an 30' pool. We have no owners manuel and would like to know how to replace the sand in the filter.

You will have to remove the top receiver on the sand filter and wash the sand out. This may require disconnecting the sand filter from the lines and turn the housing upside down to wash out all of the sand, upright and refill with sand or medium. Some labor but should take less than three hours. I do mine every year. Hope this helps!


Cracked 26" baqua pure tank

Postby nick68 » Sun 27 May, 2012 14:05

grace wrote:I have a 26" Baqua Pure tank that has a crack in it. Recreational Wharehouse says that this product is notorious for cracks. Has anyone else had this problem and how long was your warranty on your filter?

If you live in a climate where you can get freezing weather, you need to make sure the tank is drained for the winter. I have had my pool for six years and have not had any problem other than the valve handle cracked the first winter I had the pool. Now every year I disconnect the pump motor and all the hoses as well as the valve handle and store them in my basement where they won't be damaged by cold. I take the drain cap off of the blue tank and cover the top with some plastic and a bungee cord. I have not had a problem since.
Miller lite

Baqua Pure Filter

Postby Miller lite » Mon 05 May, 2014 15:54

Please do not tip over your filter. Get a shop vac to remove old sand, tipping it over May damage components inside tank. The drain at the bottom is only a drain, just for water.

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