Help! Leak in my cover, green pool!!!

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Help! Leak in my cover, green pool!!!

Postby LindaY » Fri 11 May, 2007 18:05

I apparently have a leak in my pool cover. It is a 21ft rnd. My water in the pool is as brown as the water on top of the cover. Will I have to replace my liner or can it be cleaned with chemicals. Until this point the liner was in good condition. I have no clue now because I can't see the bottom.

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yucky pool--eewww

Postby deaun who can't log in » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 21:09

Hi Honey,

I know you won't want to hear this...but look back at several of the "green pool" or "cloudy water" issues. I understand yours is brown, but chlorine is always a good starting place. Best of fortune to you!
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Postby Buggsw » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 21:44

Post your pool volume and a complete set of test readings. Get a new test kit.

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