no electric, pool almost full!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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no electric, pool almost full!

Postby zeusy » Fri 11 May, 2007 20:58

This is my first pool, so I'm sure it won't the the first time you hear from me!

Major delay in getting the electric done (not planned). the pool is full just under the eye of the return. The electric will not get done for a week, dont ask, long nightmare. I am worried about the water not getting filtered/moving at all. What will happen with my water and is there anything I can do to help prevent any problems. I have not added any chemicals, water finished filling to the return yesterday. this is an above ground 18ft round pool. thanks!


Postby chrisinspring » Sat 12 May, 2007 17:24

Depending on which type of "start up" they are doing, they may do an acid start, which means you don't run your system at all for a while. Contact your pool builder to see how they are doing the start up.

Postby sparkwatercleaner » Tue 15 May, 2007 10:15

If you know the right skills to wire the pump to an extension cord, you could plug it in a socket and make it run some time just momentaneusly, but be sure you are confident in doing that and you won't do it wrong. Also be sure it won't rain

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