Cannot unlock free chlorine HELP

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Cannot unlock free chlorine HELP

Postby richr » Fri 11 May, 2007 22:08

Every year we have to shock our pool more then 9 bags to unlock the FC, This year I have done it twice and the last time with 12 bags. PH is 7.6, Alk is 90, CYA is 30, TDS is 900. The pool is approx 33,000 gal.

I still do NOT have F/C.

Pool is clean, fairly clear - NEED HELP as none of the pool people in my area seem to know how to deal with this problem. It's begining to make me a little crazy.



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Postby dynamictiger » Sat 12 May, 2007 16:52

Try adding 5 gallons of sodium hypochlorite at 13% to the pool and see what is like 24 hours later with the pump running.

Cannot unlock free chlorine HELP

Postby richr » Sun 13 May, 2007 19:52

Thks - will give it a try this week and let you know. Thks

Postby mjcox » Mon 14 May, 2007 16:22

Please keep me posted. I am having so much trouble getting chlorine in my pool. I have been running my aquarite system 24/7 and I cannot keep chlorine in the pool (assuming there is even chlorine going into the pool). The system says it is generating but who knows. Goldline tells me that it is probably my phosphate level although it is fairly low at around 300. I will fix this and see. I hope that this super chlorination thing you are doing works and perhaps I should go ahead and do the same thing.
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Postby vinindy » Thu 17 May, 2007 09:01

Please let me know what and if you got Free chorine UNLOCKED and how?
I am broke from shocking and flocking.


Cannot unlock free chlorine HELP

Postby richr » Fri 18 May, 2007 22:09

Ok it worked 5 gallons of liquid sodium hypochlorite - finally unlocked the free chlorine, thks dynamictiger.


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