Cloudy water

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Cloudy water

Postby steq184 » Sun 30 Oct, 2005 07:12

Have checked the PH etc and all spot on. I then shocked the pool and now find that the pool is cloudy.
Could anyone tell me if this is normal after shocking as can't remember it going cloudy last time, (only shocked once as new pool owner)
Do I just need to add clarifier?
Are there 2 types of clarifier, its just that I have some clarifier for our hot tub but this uses Bromine and on the label it says not to be mixed with chlorine products.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Cloudy Pool

Cloudy pool water

Postby Cloudy Pool » Tue 27 Dec, 2005 04:26

Shocking a pool adds large amounts of calcium to the water. This can cause cloudiness, but if the pH is 7.0 - 7.2, the cloudiness clears quickly.

Bromine is NOT a clarifier! Clarifiers may help to reduce cloudiness as can hardness reducers.

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