Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby mida68 » Sat 12 May, 2007 11:09

Has anyone had this issue where the vac cleans great then one day decides to stop spinning out? I've changed the cams, tried adjusting the pressure, nothing! I've had to get CA Pools and a Hayward rep out several times and it's had the innards changed out three times!

I can keep calling them which I will do but there could be a fix that will prevent weeks of waiting for the situation to be resolved. Any help would be appreciated :D


Postby handyman » Sat 12 May, 2007 19:08

Same problem solved by replacing the Phantom with a Polaris.

same issue

Postby polkadots » Mon 16 Jul, 2007 12:22

we had the same prob - hayward replaced the unit (under warranty) because the design was fauly. they have since redesigned their phantom units. just yesterday though our phatom got stuck in a 'permanent spinning mode'... we took it in today and others are having the same problem. guess hayward is still trying to get the design right. feel bad for evryone who's phantom is no longer under wwarranty...

Hayward Viper

Postby rrenter » Sat 25 Aug, 2007 11:30

I've had a Hayward Viper for about 2 years. I'm told that it's pretty much the same internal design as the Phantom but doesn't clean the water surface (I have skimmers for that job).

Anyway the Viper worked great for about 2 months, doing a wonderful job of picking up the leaves falling from my many trees. Since that time it's been nothing but trouble. I think I've replaced the transmission (which is the main inner part) nine times. About half of these replacements have been covered by various warranties. I've replaced the hoses and/or swivels four times, and other parts many times. Even with the "free" replacements, it's still cost many hundreds of dollars to keep this thing running for two years, plus I've had to endure so many trips to the repair shop and a messy pool while I waited for repairs.

Hayward furnished an all-new, redesigned transmission about a month ago, but it only lasted about 3 weeks. Now they say they have an even newer, redesigned one. I'm ready to replace this piece of junk and switch, probably back to a Polaris.
gio 115

Hayward Phantom

Postby gio 115 » Wed 21 May, 2008 13:41

My Phantom worked great for the first 3 months. Since then it has been nothing but trouble. Now it likes to tie itself in knots that are normally impossible to tie by hand. I think my warranty is just about up like my patience.

RE: Phantom spin out problem

Postby xsuperjim » Thu 21 Aug, 2008 13:55

The problem that the phantoms were having with the spinout not functioning properly was a defect in the manifold. The spinout system works via a gearbox inside the unit that triggers the backup system to come on. The early designed had a problem with sand or other small debris getting inside the gearbox & not allowing it to function properly. Their new turbo manifold has solved this problem and the cleaner is not bulletproof.

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby legacy631 » Wed 15 Apr, 2009 15:24

Is the fix to replace the manifod or the gear box or both? Can the older models accept the new turbo replacement? is it a DIY project?
Houston - fed up with Hayward

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Houston - fed up with Hayward » Sun 28 Jun, 2009 16:30

The Hayword Phantom we bought 3 years ago has been nothing but TROUBLE. It worked well for about one summer and then the problems began. At this point after replacing the gear box under warranty, dealing with no spin, constant spin, and broken roller posts, I'm ready to drop kick this pool cleaner into my enemy's yard (not that I have an enemy). :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Back to Polaris for me.

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Guest » Fri 10 Jul, 2009 22:24

I've been having problems with my viper too. I've had it apart many times and in my case the main problem seems to be the lip-seals on the piston stick to the inside of the cyl. I was able to remove the piston and smear a very light coat of o-ring lube on the seals. It would go 2-4 weeks before the water made the grease on the cyl wall become sticky, then the piston would get stuck again.
WD-40 worked well to remove the sticky grease reside off the cyl wall, but if it's used to clean up the seals, it makes the seals swell and they're very difficult to get back inside the cyl. The larger of the 2 seals was too swollen to re-install. Didn't have any luck finding replacement seals locally. Went down to the local Advance auto parts store and browsed thru their o-ring inventory and found an o-ring that was a pretty good fit. O-rings aren't designed to be dynamic seals so I don't expect it to work for very long, but hopefully long enough that I can find replacement lip-seals.

Another thing I discovered was that if the cleaner is left out of the water very long, the seals would stick sooner. Apparently keeping the seals wet helps to keep them from sticking. When I shock the pool, I'll put the viper in the hot-tub to keep it wet but not expose it to high chlorine levels.

If anyone knows where I can get the lip-seals, let me know!!

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Guest » Mon 17 Aug, 2009 14:57

I just filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I suggest others do the same.
Soooooooo dissatisfied

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Soooooooo dissatisfied » Sat 12 Sep, 2009 13:40

After many years of excellent service my Polaris passed on to the great pool in the sky. The sales person at my local pool supply talked me into a Hayward Viper which was the biggest mistake of my life. It worked for one summer then never worked well enough to use again. After many repairs and part replacements I put in a box and shipped it back to Hayward; much to my surprise they sent me a brand new one. It was worse than the first; it functioned correctly for less than a month then began to have the same problems as the first. They are basically and expensive piece of junk; going back to Polaris. :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby sjoefl01 » Sat 15 May, 2010 17:31

Pool User. I realize this post is a little old. Did you ever find those seals? I really need some. I have been trying to make O rings work and they just wont do the job. I think the swelling caused by the water pressure into the cavity is what cause the seal to work. I have been all over town and the internet and I can't find any source for a rubber seal that operates this way.
I think if we had the seal this proble could be corrected by changing them out every year or 2.
I can't believe they use rubber seals in a chlorine environment anyway. I wrote them a letter but I doub't I'll hear anything back from them.
Hal Apeno

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Hal Apeno » Wed 23 May, 2012 22:01

Ignore the spin out problem. Just install a Phantom backup valve and your Viper will work just fine.

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