Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

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Soooooooo dissatisfied

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Soooooooo dissatisfied » Sat 12 Sep, 2009 13:40

After many years of excellent service my Polaris passed on to the great pool in the sky. The sales person at my local pool supply talked me into a Hayward Viper which was the biggest mistake of my life. It worked for one summer then never worked well enough to use again. After many repairs and part replacements I put in a box and shipped it back to Hayward; much to my surprise they sent me a brand new one. It was worse than the first; it functioned correctly for less than a month then began to have the same problems as the first. They are basically and expensive piece of junk; going back to Polaris. :thumbdown: :thumbdown:


Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby sjoefl01 » Sat 15 May, 2010 17:31

Pool User. I realize this post is a little old. Did you ever find those seals? I really need some. I have been trying to make O rings work and they just wont do the job. I think the swelling caused by the water pressure into the cavity is what cause the seal to work. I have been all over town and the internet and I can't find any source for a rubber seal that operates this way.
I think if we had the seal this proble could be corrected by changing them out every year or 2.
I can't believe they use rubber seals in a chlorine environment anyway. I wrote them a letter but I doub't I'll hear anything back from them.
Hal Apeno

Hayward Phantom Stopped Spinning Out

Postby Hal Apeno » Wed 23 May, 2012 22:01

Ignore the spin out problem. Just install a Phantom backup valve and your Viper will work just fine.

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