suspected blockage in pipes

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suspected blockage in pipes

Postby waltercasha » Thu 03 Nov, 2005 23:30

Hope someone can help. My pool pump starts up ok and works for a few minutes (can see bubbles coming out of vents) but then it stops pumping after only a few minutes although the pump is still working. I suspect I might have a blockage (air or something else) in the pipes. Is there some way to 'vent' the pipes to get the airlock or blockage out?


Postby Billy » Wed 23 Nov, 2005 17:59

Your pump is drawing air from somewhere. Some places to check are, The pump lid, it may be loose or cracked. The pump lid "O' ring,It may be worn ,broken or missing.Check the joint on the front of your pump where it screws into the pump and where it fits into the pipe. If you still can't find it, it might be underground. Good Luck.

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