New here! Heating a pool with out the Main pumps?

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New here! Heating a pool with out the Main pumps?

Postby Niko » Mon 14 May, 2007 18:06

Hi all,

Am new, basically would like to ask some questions.

We have an out door pool about 25ft in length. The "pumps room" heater and all the machinery is Kaput. Redoing the house so soon to fix it all.

But just for this summer, planing to spend more time in london. So..

is it possible to heat the pool, to a reasonable/swimable temp with a form of swimming pool heaters that are external that you can simple plug in and leave in the pool?



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Postby dynamictiger » Tue 15 May, 2007 18:16

Whilst it may be possible to heat the pool this way, without the other equipment operational the pool is simply going to transform into a great algae bloom with more heat. I wouldn't try it.


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