Salt Chlorinator error codes - Autoclear and Pure&Clear

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Salt Chlorinator error codes - Autoclear and Pure&Clear

Postby aGrandma » Tue 15 May, 2007 23:05

I have a Pure&Clear system, which was bought out by Polaris and is now called the Autoclear. I get the following error codes numbers when I press the "test" light: 7, 88, 14, 24and 90. My owners guide says I should get 4 numbers (but I get 5). The 1st number should be 88, so I don't know what the 7 is, but 88 is test mode. The 2nd number should be 14-20 which is voltage - since mine is 14 I guess that's ok. The 3rd number should be 4.0 and 5.0 which is AMPS depending on salt level. Since mine says 24, does that mean 2.4? And what does that indicate? The 4th number should be 50 or 51, but my 5th or last number is 90. I looked also at the owners guide for the Autoclear system, and that one does list a code of 90, which means the system is ok.
My system is obviously NOT ok. I have enough salt according to the pool store and I've had it tested at least 3 times, every time salt is fine. The salt chlorinator is not producing chlorine, and I've had to add liquid chlorine. And the lights stay on that say low salt and power on.
Any ideas about the codes - do they give you a guess what might be wrong? Could it be electrical wiring? or the cell?

Blackx X

Error code

Postby Blackx X » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 15:09

Have you tried cleaning the cell? If that is allowed with this system. I have the Chlormatic and I can clean with watered down acid.

Salt Chlorinator error codes - Autoclear and Pure&Clear

Postby micle.savoie » Sat 11 Jun, 2011 08:48

i have a code 92 on my AutoClear
we change the pump flow, with the same result
how do i fix this problem

thamnk you for your help, Michel

Salt Chlorinator error codes - Autoclear and Pure&Clear

Postby Cannonball » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 08:46

92 means you have low flow. Have you taken the cell out of the system to see if the cell is clogged. Your flow switch could be bad. Someone with electrical troubleshooting knowledge can tell you if your flow switch has failed. A little clogging at the inlet to your cell will prevent your flow switch from closing and turning on your cell. Also, this may sound simple, but is your flow switch lined up correctly in your cell? If not, the switch will never close. [I replaced my flow switch last year. The male connector was bad.]
Good luck.

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