No end to the fun - swimming pool leaking 3" daily

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No end to the fun - swimming pool leaking 3" daily

Postby bookelf » Wed 16 May, 2007 10:03

First the pump had to be replaced, now the pool is leaking, and I can't figure out where the leak is. It doesn't seem to be the multi-valve, and I can't see any obvious water leaking, but I'm losing 3" every 24 hours. I am letting the pool leak down past the light to see if that might be the problem.

I've had someone look at the multi-valve and the skimmer, and he says it's not the problem. One thing that I noticed about this multi-valve is occastionally it appears to be set properly on filter, but the pool water leaks as much as 12" or more overnight until you move the handle to get a better positioning. It's not evident at first that the handle needs repositioning. This is a sporadic occurrence unlike the current 3" a day leak.

I recently drained the pool to clean it and do an acid wash (sending the water out through the waste setting). When the pool was almost empty, I had to turn the water on to get the last 20 gallons or so to drain. If the leak were in the main drain, would I have had to do this?

You can probably tell I'm really reaching here, but I live in fear the leak will be a really expensive fix. I would almost like to fill the pool in with soi
and not have this constant headache.

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