Walls buckling during fill - HELP!

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Walls buckling during fill - HELP!

Postby Kymberly » Wed 16 May, 2007 17:34

24x48" round
brand new beaded swimline liner

Pool is level (lasered and PERFECT)

Sand base and cove - check.

8" of water, liner set, NO WRINKLES, we are rolling!

Water place comes (sends new guy, this is his first fill) - he blasts gallons of ice cold water into it (it's about 60 degrees here today btw, was 80 yesterday) and within five minutes give or take the walls in 6 sections start buckling and bending inward. The uprights are holding and the bead receiver is tight but the walls themselves are now kinked/bent inward with a space of 3"+ between wall and top rail.

No one has a clue.

Pool place says "we have no idea, never seen that before."

Water hauling owner came out to look at it - has no idea.


Please tell me you've seen this and what we can do to fix it? I know things happen but it's IMPOSSIBLE to deal with "we have no idea!"



Postby Guest » Thu 17 May, 2007 12:04

no one? Anything??
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Postby lewdczy » Thu 17 May, 2007 14:27

I have a 15' x 52" round pool and at about 8" my walls started to buckle also. My problem was I used a foam cove that I bought from a pool place that measured 3" x 4". I went back to my pool directions and read they recommend a cove that measures 8" x 8". I also found out from a local pool installer that you need a sunny day with the sun directly on the liner when installing a beaded liner . After that I had no problems. The cove you installed is it 8" x 8"? I also read sometimes you can get a defective liner, did you measure it? The other thing I was thinking maybe when the water truck was filling the pool the volume of water was to much and did give the liner time to stretch. Maybe try filling your pool slowly with house hose, full sun light on the liner, and see what happens. I hope I helped. Good luck.

Postby Kymberly » Fri 18 May, 2007 08:55

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

All your suggestions are in line with what we suspect - with special emphasis on shortfall in the sand cove (compaction) and/or it was simply too cold

The water was blasting out FAST at a rate of "about 4,000 gallons in ten minutes," was icy cold AND it was only about 60 degrees and breezy.

We are going to reset the liner (knock wood), add some sand, and refill on a WARM day with the sun directly overhead.

I appreciate your response very much just to kind of be backup to this train of thought.

Thank you!

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