Possible Leak?Help would be appreciated.

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Possible Leak?Help would be appreciated.

Postby jandh182 » Wed 16 May, 2007 21:19

Hi! We just bought this house in November.. It came with a pool. The pool is about 10 years old. The liner is fairly new we were told. We've been swimming in it after getting it clear and ready. It's been great.. but over the past few days.. every night we are adding water.. it's always down about 3 inches the next morning... and we keep adding water. Yesterday I was swimming when I noticed when walking accross.. there was some bubbles in one part of the floor of the pool.. right along the wall.. next to the inlet and outlet thing. Now the bubbles are up the side and starting to go around. It's not losing water fast... or a lot of water.. but like I said.. about 3 inches a day.. It's a 24 foot round above ground pool. Any suggestions? How do we find out if there is a hole in the liner? Is there a way to patch it if there is? We really have enjoyed using it, we want to know what we have to do. We really don't have th emoney for a new liner.. so we are hoping it can at least last us this summer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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