Return screen keeps getting clogged Polaris 165

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Return screen keeps getting clogged Polaris 165

Postby Jamey » Thu 17 May, 2007 21:04

Hey everyone,
I finally decided to spring for an automatic pool cleaner. It was a toss up between the Barcuda G4 and the Polaris 165. I decided that the pressure side cleaner would work better in my situation. Anyway the 165 works pretty good except for one thing, the return screen gets completely clogged about every 45 minutes. I have tried backwashing, and replaced my skimmer basket about two hours ago, which was damaged. I am going to replace the pump basket as well, as it also has some cracks around the edges, but shouldn't the filter be catching the small leaf particles and bugs that are clogging the return screen? I changed the filter sand two seasons ago. Can I just take the screen out, or will that ruin the cleaner?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, and great forum by the way.

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