Another Cloudy Water Posting

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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Another Cloudy Water Posting

Postby dogette » Fri 18 May, 2007 07:02

Hello All:
Im working with several cloudy water issues as many of you guys are . Here goes with my issues...
ISSUE #1 I have really high Phosphate 2500. Some say its the area in which I live (rural w/ farms and horses) others haven't a clue why its so high. Im not sure if this adds to the cloudiness or not. Last year I had the same issue 2500 phosphate. I did put in a Phospahate remover but could only get it down to 1000 then in a couple of days, it shot back up to 2500.

Issue #2 Though I can see through to the bottom, my water is still very hazy where it looks like tiny air bubble are coming out of the return and I can see what looks like little tiny white flecks are in the water floating around. Now when I stop the filter it goes away.

It does appear like this stuff is settling to the bottom in clumps. So Im going to vacum it up but through the filter (not by waste) since I don't want to add any more well water to the pool.

I did have some copper in the water when I first tested the water and there is an area this morning that almost looks like a clump of sand on the bottom. Im hoping thats the copper.

All other water tests are perfect except for the copper (.17ppm) and phosphate (2500).

When I opened the pool, I shocked, put Algaecide in (which is still foaming somewhat) needed to raise the calcium chloride by 14lbs. (was 190ppm) and have used a crap load of clarifier.

This is a new pool opened for a Second season. Inground pool 33,000 gallons. White Plaster. DE Filter

Any thoughts?

Where is the summer weather? Still in the 60's in Maryland YUCK!

Larry in Texas

Another Cloudy Water Posting

Postby Larry in Texas » Fri 25 Jun, 2010 08:47

I have the same white flecks in my fiberglass pool, but the water is very clear. I check my chemicals very regularly (three times a week) and was shocked this morning to find my ph at 8 and total alkilinity at 130 using a self test kit. From what I can get in the way of info, this is calcium, naturally caused by calcium hardness. The best tip I got is to first stabilize the ph and total alkilinity and add a correct dosage of phosphate reducer.
After two days, recheck and continue as needed to adjust. I cannot check calcium, so I plan to have it professionally checked once the pool is stabilized.

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