Got my Hayward Navigator working properly!

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Got my Hayward Navigator working properly!

Postby aGrandma » Fri 18 May, 2007 22:33

My Hayward Navigator is beginning it's 4th summer and I was having multiple problems with it. It was sticking on the plastic drain cover on the bottom of the pool. Also it was going in circles and twisting the hoses so it couldn't go to all parts of the pool. I had replaced the feet and the flippers.
I didn't know there are parts inside the unit that wear out - bearings and other moving parts. I took the vacuum to my pool store and they took it apart and put new parts on the inside, and charged me only for the parts - labor was free.
Because the parts were old and worn the vacuum did not have to power to move like it should. Now it is working like new again.

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