Pool Flooded - Dirt Washed In Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Flooded - Dirt Washed In Pool

Postby bwellsusmc » Sat 19 May, 2007 18:00

I have a diving pool 32ft long, 18 ft wide. We had a hard rain 10 inches in 2 hours and water went over a retaining wall into my pool. A lot of dirt went with it. We turned off my pump due to not wanting to get mud sucked into the filters. I don't have a wasted option on my pumps, at least I don't think I do. So, I borrowed a water pump, and attached my hose to it and vacumed the best I could and blew the dark brown water into my yard. Shcoked, brushed the sides, and bottom of pool. Pool still looks like greenish brown lake water. With about 3 to 4 ft visibility. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Postby Buggsw » Sat 19 May, 2007 21:29

Get that filter running 24/7 and backwash daily. Get you chlorine up and balance your chems.

Dirt in pool

Postby Madamqueen » Sun 20 May, 2007 11:10

We had the same thing happen - the day after we opened the pool and paid for a load of fresh water, we had a tremendous rain that backed up in the yard and turned our pool into a a huge mud puddle -

Based on advice from our local pool company this is what we did - flocced the pool and let the mud settle - then vacuum the pool - pumping to waste. We had to do this several times and of course had to keep adding water to the pool since we were pumping to waste. We ended up replacing at least half of our pool water but it worked.

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