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Filter problems

Postby nickyp » Sat 19 May, 2007 19:42

Hi Guys,

I took over from my pool guy a few months ago and I have been doing an awful job! I clean the filter every week and I just found out that there is another filter inside the pump. I have not clue how to open it and clean it. I was also told that I need to put the backwash on (no clue what this is either). The water is cloudy and green. I have cleaned it and added a shock treatment to it. The reading on the PH test says add acid. Can anyone enlighten me? A very grateful, Nicky.

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Postby Buggsw » Sat 19 May, 2007 21:22

If you have a cartridge filter - which it sounds like maybe you do since you say you clean the filter every week, you don't need to backwash - there really is no such thing. You remove the paper filter cartridge from the filter and wash it.

If that doesn't sound like what you have then you probably have a sand filter or a DE filter, which you do need to backwash. Without knowing more and exactly what you have, it would be hard to describe the steps.
When you're pressure gauge at the filter reads 5 to 10 lbs above the "normal" pressure, is when you backwash. Sometimes a sand filter needs weekly backwashing. Usually a DE filter needs backwashing once a month and DE replenished.

At the pump there is usually a filter on one end of the pump. The top is usually about 5 or 6 inches round with clear plastic cover you screw off - inside that there is a basket you remove to dump the hair and crap that got past any skimmer basket.

If your pool is green and cloudy you have to take care of it immediately. You should have a test kit and test daily and add appropriate chemicals according to the test results until you have the problem taken care of. You should test at least weekly when things are back under control. Else take a sample bottle of water to a local pool store and they will test it for free and tell you what to add. If you take a picture with you of your pool equipment they may be able to demonstrate what you need to do using similar equipment in their store.

So find out what your test results are, treat accordingly and run your pump 24/7. Find out about your equipment pronto. Good luck.

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