How to clean a cell? And what should it look like?

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How to clean a cell? And what should it look like?

Postby aGrandma » Sat 19 May, 2007 19:59

I took apart my Pure&Clear plastic disk that screws onto the side of my pool under water. Inside are about 6 flat square plates. I assume those are the cell? Most of them were clean but one in the middle had a little bit of calcium build up. I tried getting that off with sand paper and a flat screwdriver. I didn't get all the calcium off. The stupid thing still won't generate any chlorine now that I've put it all back together.
My questions are - are those flat plates the cell? Are they supposed to be separated from each other or touching each other? Do they all have to be 100% clean to work? And what should I use to get the calcium off?
(I soaked them in an acid/water solution.)
Thanks for any help!

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