cant get lid of chlorinator unscrewed

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cant get lid of chlorinator unscrewed

Postby MS Pool » Sun 20 May, 2007 10:35

I cannot get the chlorinator lid unscrewed. It has a long handle to add leverage and i have tried spraying wd 40 under the edge of the lid, but no luck. Also unscrewed the small screw valve thinking that pressure relief might help. no luck. any ideas? thanks


Postby Guest » Tue 22 May, 2007 16:23

After 17 views I am surprised no one has suggested heat. Try a small wet hot towel on the cover. You could try pouring hot water but it might expand everything.

good luck.


Postby mpsgtmaj » Wed 23 May, 2007 17:06

I just place a 2 X 2 against the rim hash and tap the end with my hand
MS Pool user

can't get chlorinator lid off....

Postby MS Pool user » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 12:37

Well, i've tried all of the above, but it is STUCK!! right now i am chlorinating by putting tabs in the skimmer, but sure would like to get that thing off. when i used the block of wood, it even knocked off one of the "hash" pieces. i also tried heat an knocking in combo. Thanks for your input. if you think of anything else, please post it.

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