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Painting pool

Postby KorAS » Sun 04 Dec, 2005 22:34

:D Hi, i have a swimming pool without water, i want to paint it before i fill it but i have some important questions;

What kind of paint should i use?
Is there any place on internet for paint and swimming pool equipment?
like, ph control and that stuff (i really dont know anything, but want to)
Which color should i use? white, blue...

this pool was made 25 years ago i dont know the materials

There are some new filters and bomb and i dont know if something is missing... i will post a picture when sun comes out. Hope you can help me with this info!
Thankyou :)


Painting a pool

Postby Pool » Mon 26 Dec, 2005 08:37

Firstly I think you need to determine the nature of the pool's surfaces (tile, plaster, marcite, cement, ...). You can choose a suitable paint and primer according to this. For info about who sells on the web try the following search swimming pool paint.

As for the pump, filter and plumbing, I am waiting for your picture and specific questions.

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