Pebble Tech Cracking

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Pebble Tech Cracking

Postby Maryfromhb » Mon 21 May, 2007 13:17

Our pool is just going on 6 years old this summer. We keep the chemicals balanced and have not had any recent earthquakes.

We had been losing water and isolated the problem to the spa. After draining the spa, there were cracks in the pebble coat and now they want to patch them. My fear is that if the spa is cracking, what about the pool? Does anyone know how long the pebble coat/plaster should last?

Also, the jets going into the spa are not working properly. They are barely shooting out the water? We have replaced multiple parts in the equipment and we cannot figure out why the pressure is so low?

any suggestions

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Pebble Tech Cracking

Postby geeman » Mon 21 May, 2007 18:42

a pool is a large structure that will settle over time, usually within the first 5-6 years. this slight movement can cause stress cracks in the shell which will eventually show up on the plaster surface. stress cracks are usually long, fairly straight cracks and are structural. smaller, more random cracks could be check cracking which is normal in plaster and has more of a spider web look. stress cracks may be filled with an epoxy (which will not match the plaster). if the continues to move, the epoxy will also crack.

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