Sta-Rite 400 heater Problems

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Sta-Rite 400 heater Problems

Postby kptfire » Sun 11 Dec, 2005 17:12

We have a Sta-Rite 2-spd pump and a Sta-Rite 400 heater. When the pump is in low-speed/low volume, and the heater is not on, there is a high-pitch whine coming from the heater. However, when the heater is off and the pump is in high speed/high volume, there is no whine. Is anyone using the Sta-Rite 2-spd pump with the Sta-Rite 400 heater? Are you or have you experienced this problem? What did you do to rectify the problem?



Postby lunaticfringe » Thu 12 Apr, 2007 11:53

call 831-7133

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