Can pool execavation begin in the colder NE winter months?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can pool execavation begin in the colder NE winter months?

Postby hectoe » Tue 22 May, 2007 16:13

I've been told by a pool company that they can not feasibly begin the pool creation (excavation to completion) process in the winter months. I asked how about March? (I live in North NJ) they said no. "April is the earliest".

Since I would love to open up my pool June 1, 2008 I would want a company that can complete my pool by mid May 08' so my landscaper can come in after.
Any input as to the validity of the pool companies statements would be appreciated and if they are not being entirely truthful any recommendations for a decent pool company would be great as well.

Renzo Mesarina

about steel part

Postby Renzo Mesarina » Sat 26 May, 2007 17:26

We can done any steel part, pre plumbing, main drains, floor sistem in a day. just send a email if you interesting towork for you thanks

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