Algea problem swimming pool

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Algea problem swimming pool

Postby Algea » Mon 19 Dec, 2005 17:45

Help me pleas. I got algea and the algi so bad I cant see the water for green pool and like pea color algis in pool water.

Can algea is dangerus?
Can algi is make sik my kiddis?

Algea free

Algea pool problem

Postby Algea free » Mon 26 Dec, 2005 08:25

I had the same hassle in my inground swimming pool. I checked the conditioner level and found it was ideal, so I shocked the water heavily.

It started clearing so I kept the pump running around the clock. I brushed and vacuumed several times and shocked again 4/5 days later.

Finally it cleared and I went ahead and ordered one of the Pool Wizards I found through this site (Pool Wizard). It worked a charm. I have never had such beautiful clear pool water even after 6 months of basically ignoring the pool.

Maybe the same would work for your algea too.

Algea problem pool

Postby Algea » Wed 18 Jan, 2006 17:20

Okey. I get one Poll Wizard like you say so. The man say to chlor shock first.

I did like so and man, pool is so good. No green, no algea and I be very hapy agan.

Thank you for Algea Free for help me. and for Poll Wizard thank too.
Algea free


Postby Algea free » Sat 27 Sep, 2008 12:31

No algea since near 3 years. Pool Wizard is good for algea yes.

But now cannot find it. They say in 2009, oh no maybe I get again algea. I need more recharge for no algea works.

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