cloudy greenish water?

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cloudy greenish water?

Postby purplehaze » Tue 22 May, 2007 21:04

Hi I have just bought an 18 foot above ground pool. It has been so cool where i live that we have not been able to get in pool but i have been trying to get the chemicals in the water to get it ready, alkalinity, ph, and hardness has been no problem. i tested the water last weekend and it was showing no chlorine at all. i put in shock plus and then put a floater in with a couple of 3 inch chlorine tablets, now the water is cloudy greenish color, if we keep the pump running 24/7 it clears the water but there is a white chalky substance on the pool floor and if i get in to vacuum or use the hand skimmer is when the water becomes cloudy and greenish. can anyone help me know what to do to fix the problem. thank you very much.

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