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Postby sdportis » Wed 23 May, 2007 09:52

I opened my pool a couple of days ago. It usually takes a week to make the pool clear/clean with a lot of shock. I also backwash about 2-3 per times day for the first week. After I backwash, prime and start the filter again, a little bit of DE goes back into the pool from my booster pump/cleaner line and my spa lines.

Is this due to too much DE, not enough DE or something else?



Postby sdportis » Wed 23 May, 2007 10:00

When I backwash, I only do it until the dirty water disappears and clean water appears. I do not wait until the entire filter is empty. Could this contribute the the DE returning to the pool?
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Postby Buggsw » Fri 25 May, 2007 00:48

You may have something wrong with your DE filter. You shouldn't see any DE going back into your pool.

Could be a tear. You may be able to get replacement parts for it but if it's really old and needs extensive parts, you may want to buy a new one which would have a good warranty.

With a DE filter, you should backwash until clear, shut pump off, close bw valve and run normal for a few seconds, then bw again a couple of times.
Then recharge your DE through your skimmer.

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