Total alkalinity problem

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Total Alk

Total alkalinity problem

Postby Total Alk » Mon 26 Dec, 2005 04:07

Help. My swimming pool water is off whack.

The pH is normal but the total alkalinity is way high. What should I do?

Pool Helper

Total alkalinity problem

Postby Pool Helper » Sun 15 Jan, 2006 09:32

To reduce the total alk use pH reducer. Any one will do - liquid acid (muriatic acid) or granules/ powder. If you use granules or powder you need to dissolve it in a bucket of water first.

Turn off the pool pump and let the water settle. Slowly pour the acid into one spot in the deepest part of the pool. Let it "brew" for 20-30 minutes then turn on the pump and let the water circulate.

Test again a couple of days later and repeat as necessary.

To find out how much acid the pool needs there is a handy Reduce Total Alkalinity calculator. Unfortunately it is in ml and grams rather than ounces. I think the conversion is to divide by 28.3 to get ounces.
Total Alk

Total alkalinity problem

Postby Total Alk » Sat 18 Feb, 2006 06:37

Thanks Pool Helper.

I took your advice and finally got my total alk down to a normal level. I had to add the pH reducer 4 times though.

The pH was a little low at first but kept bouncing back up. The pH is now stable too, and I find I need very little reducer to keep it normal. That's saving me time and money too.

Now I'm wondering if I should splash out on one of these Pool Wizards I saw here. I'll keep you posted.
Total Alk

No pool stress

Postby Total Alk » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 19:10

Just checking back in with a update. Got a Pool Wizard about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Great stuff. No algea and my pool hardly wants any chlorine.

Figured I'd keep the chlorine at around 1ppm and that would maybe not save me so much chlorin but I swear the pool never uses it up like before. I'm so happy I found this forum. It made my life so much easier.

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