Pulling pool cover off in Spring and finding Green water

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Pulling pool cover off in Spring and finding Green water

Postby artiemeehan » Fri 25 May, 2007 10:48

my wife had the pool company close the pool and she saw the pool guy simply add chemicals to the shallow end of the in ground pool without agitating the water before putting on the cover. we just pulled back the cover and the water is green. i was told to add 3 to 4 gallons HTH liquid chlorinator to my 36000 gallon pool and let the pump run 24/7 and backwash each day,but i am not certain if this is proper? Should i now do the test kit to find out if my chlorine levels are satisfactory? How long should it take for the water to get clear .Thanks

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Postby Buggsw » Fri 25 May, 2007 14:15

Liquid chlorine or standard bleach should do the trick.

If you get the liquid chlorine at the pool store it is usually a higher % than regular bleach at the store, so if you use regular bleach you will probably need more.

Get it up to shock level and you may need to keep it there for a couple of days.

Definately run your pump 24/7 and backwash at least once per day until it is cleared up.

I would test the water with a good test kit at least a couple of times per day until you get in balance. You learn a lot by doing that.

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