feeling an occasional tingle

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feeling an occasional tingle

Postby 2 pool » Fri 25 May, 2007 17:00

I have had a pool for a number of years with the usual problems, but in the last two seasons we have experienced a confusing situation. Some days, when I touch the hand rail above the steps, I feel a tingling sensation simular to a very low voltage of electricity. It seems to occur during the late afternoon but not every day.During one of these times, I switched my main circuit breaker to the off position but still felt this tingle. I then assumed that there was perhaps a chemical reaction from some of the pool chemicals that may have created a small electrical charge and this was the source of this tingle. The sensation was limited to just the hand rail of the steps and did not involve the ladder or the diving board.
Any thoughts?

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Postby dynamictiger » Sat 26 May, 2007 21:03

Try running a temporary wire from the hand rail to an earth and see if this solves the issue.

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