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Swimming Pool Etc?

Postby KFS » Sat 26 May, 2007 12:02

Okay so I'm new and needed a replacement liner ASAP.

Found a great price and ordered online.

Now, (too late!) I'm seeing "rip off" reports on this co. I know 10 reports does not mean much if they sell to a million people each year but I'm really getting nervous.

I'm not one to generally order on the 'net and it's not so much the $$ (I paid by cc and would use them to dispute the charge if it turns out to be a ripoff) but the TIME.

We are in the midwest and only get about 12 weeks of pool weather per year! I can't afford to be without a liner (or water!) through June and into July.

I know I'm worrying ahead of time but does anyone have a GOOD experience with this company?

I just ordered so right now the status is still "awaiting shipment" but now I'm skeptical.

I sure hope someone has a GOOD experience.



Postby Kym » Tue 29 May, 2007 18:08

Arrived seven days from order - including weekend and holiday.

Exactly what I ordered.

I'm impressed.

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