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Pool Pump

Postby Bill Q » Sun 27 May, 2007 14:36

I have tiny little mealee bugs in my pool that people keep telling me the pool pump/filter can take care of. The problem is that I see them swirling around the top of the pool filter versus been sucked up by it. Am I not getting enough suction from my pool filter or is this normal? Any sure fixes to take care of this problem?

Daniel mc Daid
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Postby Daniel mc Daid » Mon 28 May, 2007 09:25

hey there do you have a sump filter working in your pool as well if yes try turning it off this should increase the suction in you main filter and might help get rid of your bugs. if not fid out if you have any thing else useing your main pumpe , i.e. pool Vac and make sure it is disconected and switched off. also try using the vac to suck them up

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