white foamy pool

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white foamy pool

Postby cates2603 » Sun 27 May, 2007 14:54

I have an 8600 gal. above ground pool. So far I have put 5 gal. of liquid chlorine in along with pool logic and stabelizer. My pool is still cloudy and now i have white foaming bubbles circulating on top. Any suggestions?

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Postby Buggsw » Sun 27 May, 2007 20:43

Pool Logic makes a lot of products. What did you put in your pool?

Was your pool green to begin with? If it was, it's dead algae floating around that is clouding your water. If you pH is too high or too low it can also keep your water cloudy.
Did you need the stabilizer?
What are your test readings now?

I would skim the foamy stuff off. Run your pump 24/7. Backwash or clean your cartridge if you have a cartridge filter at least once a day and keep your chlorine level up.

It can take 24 hours to 7 days to clear up cloudy water.
Test your water and post the readings.

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