Metal inside pool equipment is turning purple

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Metal inside pool equipment is turning purple

Postby Mark » Thu 29 Dec, 2005 15:06

I was told this was due to a build-up Cyanuric Acid.
And that I should dump all the water and put in fresh.
I have no other problems, that I know if.
TDS is on the high side @1450 ppm
TA is on the high side at 125 ppm
Everything else is in range.
I use Sodium diaclor s granular format for the chlorine
and I use Trichlor s as tablets in a floater in the pool all the time.

Sparkling water

Metals in pool water

Postby Sparkling water » Thu 29 Dec, 2005 15:30

What is the level of cyanuric acid? It should be under 100ppm at the absolute maximum.

If you only use dichlor and trichlor, the level will probably be too high and can only be reduced by draining some (or all) of the pool water.

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