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pool problem

Postby john11 » Tue 29 May, 2007 11:32


My liner pool was completed in October of 2004. We live on hill and had a retaining wall on the back side. The wall and half of the pool deck and foundation has moved laterally (i.e NOT sunk) about two inches causing a crack in the bottom of the pool underneath the liner and extending up the pool wall and across the deck (this has also cause the liner to tear at the bottom).

I'm sensing my pool company is going to try to say that's not their problem...that my whole yard is shifting. I first alerted them to the gap in 2006 (which at the time was just visible on the deck and not as big), and they said it was "just settling" and not to worry.

So...I'm hoping someone out there knows what the general recourse is in situations like this. Unfortunately, I can't find any thing in the paperwork that addresses this.



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