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The Pool Wizard, Nature2, the Frog and other mineral systems for
simpler pool care. Non-chlorine Pristine Blue, Rainforest Blue and similar.
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Pool Wizard

Postby Larry » Wed 04 Jan, 2006 14:26

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Pool problems and tired of costly chemicals

Postby Will » Fri 06 Jul, 2007 12:24

I recently purchased a new house that has a 7,200 above ground swimming pool. This is my first year maintaining the pool and I have quickly realized it appears that having a pool seems to be a money pit. I am considering buying the pool wizard but want to make sure it will remedy what is going on. I continue to see two reoccuring situations. The first is that I see some white irregular shaped (probably algae) that looks like strips of TP on part of the bottom of the pool pretty regularly. I have used Algaecide, vacuumed/cleaned but it continues to come back. If you touch it the stuff just disappears. I also have seen what looks to be like little piles of sand in several places. After I add Chlorine this seems to disappear but then I notice the white stuff appears. I enjoy the pool with my kids but I am concerned about the safety of the water. Since we opened the pool we have spent at least $200 in chemicals. I can't keep doing it. Please help. Thanks.

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