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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Have no Clue

Postby haileya » Wed 30 May, 2007 18:39


I am new here so I will be happy to soak in any advice you've got!!
Anyways-I just bought a house with a pool and hot tub. I have never owned a pool in my life and have no clue where to begin. I have, however, hired a pool guy but I would like to eventually figure it out on my own. Any suggestions on where to begin? What's the first thing to buy? Is there a kit for clorine? Is there a specific vaccuum anyone likes? I guess just the basics, anything will help. I apprieciate any help!!

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 30 May, 2007 23:25

Congratulations on your new home and pool/spa.

Pool care can be so easy, once you get the hang of it. There are all kinds of pool chems that you may be tempted to use. Always know what you are putting in your pool. Do NOT put any chemicals in your pool without knowing what it is, how it will affect your pool and not until you know your test readings.

I'd like to recommend another very good forum that teaches pool owners one of the simplest methods of maintaining their pools.

Go to www dot troublefreepool dot com You will learn a lot very quickly.

It can be very difficult if you let your pool get out of hand and don't keep up with it. Regular, easy maintenance will reward you with a pool that holds up well and is a joy to own.

I spend less than 5 minutes of time on my pool every day and perhaps 15-30 minutes on the weekend maintaining my pool. It's that easy when you know the right things to do and the right chemicals to use.

I think automatic cleaners are indespensible. I personally have a Blue Diamond robotic cleaner - loving that. Blue Pearls are great robotic cleaners, too. I don't care for suction side cleaners, myself. We'd really need to know more about the equipment you have and the type of pool you have to recommend anything specifically.

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