Sand in bottom of pool/return cloudy water

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Sand in bottom of pool/return cloudy water

Postby Susan » Wed 30 May, 2007 19:54

Still have the cloudy water & the pool place now tells me to clean the sand filter. Did that yesturday, let it sit in off position/closed for 24 hours, turn the pool on and it is clear when I get home today. Now that I can see the bottom better, there is sand on the bottom so I vaccum per all other instructions, backwash/rinse and the return water is still cloudy and clouded up the pool again. Since this is a sand filter I can't put in the DE powder or what do I do next.

Here are my levels from yesturday. I use Biogard-Softswim.

Saturation Ind: 0.1
TDS: 300
Sowftswim B: 41
Softwim C: 44
PH: 8
Demand Drops: 3
total Alk: 213
total Hardness: 48

What do I do?

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 30 May, 2007 23:49

I don't know anything about Biogard-Softswim so cannot help you with your readings. Too me, it seems your pH is too high, but not know the B-S system, can't tell you if it is required to be higher.

The sand in your pool is indicative of something broken in your sand filter. Possible a broken lateral or standpipe or a crack in your filter.

FYI - some people do add some DE to their sand filter after they backwash. I wouldn't recommend it until you've had your sand filter repaired, though. You'll probably just end up with DE as well as sand in your pool.

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