Questions about Patching Diamond Bright ?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Questions about Patching Diamond Bright ?

Postby flsandman » Wed 30 May, 2007 21:01

We live in South Florida and are about to change out the tile around the waterline of our pool with about a foot hight band of Sicis glass mosaic tiles. We had the pool resurfaced a year and a half ago with Diamond Bright. We are going to have some extra tile sheets probably between ( 25 and 40 sq' ).

My thought was to have the installers route out a section on the bottom of the pool and inlay them there and then they could overlay a templated drawing over them and cut the outside peremeter. None of this would be a problem as the installer says it wouldn't be difficlt to do. My concern is that after doing this installation I would expect that they would have to patch up some of the pool surface area with Diamond Bright. Someone cautioned me that I shouldn't so it unless I completely resurfaced the pool again. Does anyone have experience with this that can advise me on what we could expect from patching the Diamond Bright? Also when the entire job was complete I had planned to wash ou the inside of the pool with Muriatic Acid to clean off any small stains that cam about over the last couple of years. Wouldn't that blend in the two areas?

Thanks in advance for your input ...

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