Total alkalinity and ph level

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Total alkalinity and ph level

Postby Tom198 » Wed 30 May, 2007 21:11

My newly opened pool has high total alkalinity about 220, and low ph, about 6.8. If I add muriatic acid to lower the total alkalinity, this is sure to lower my ph even more. What should I do ?

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 30 May, 2007 22:25

Stop using tablets and dry shock if that's what you are using. They are probably lowering your pH.

Use liquid chlorine instead, when you need chlorine, which will raise your pH as well as your chlorine.

Aerate your pool - use a waterfall, fountain, or turn the return nozzles upward. Anything that causes turbulence, little droplets of water, bubbles.
Keep them going 7/24 for a few days, you should see your pH rise. Once your pH gets up to mid to high of the recommended range you can then use muriatic acid to lower your TA.

The quickest way to lower TA is to use muriatic acid, using what's called the acid ball technique. Make sure your pump is off. Pour a cup of muriatic acid in one spot in the deepest end of your pool. Pour another cup in another spot about a foot away. Always try to use the deepest part of your pool and at least a foot away from the sidewall. Let it sit for 20 minutes. No splashing or mixing the water. The acid ball will gas off your pool. Then turn your pump on and circulate for a few hours.

The 2 cups would be what you would need for about 10000 gallons of water. You might see a decrease of 10ppm.

Don't do the treatment more than once in a 24 hr period. Repeat the next day if you need to lower more.

The acid ball method will lower your TA without affecting your pH much, if at all.

When you get your TA down closer to 110 or if you pH happens to go up higher, you can use the drizzle technique with muriatic acid to lower your pH and your TA. Drizzle the acid as you walk around the pool. 8 oz of muriatic acid will lower your pH .2ppm for 10,000 gallons of water, using the drizzle method.

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